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Here is a compilation of open access research papers for massage therapists.  

The International Journal of Massage & Bodywork

The International Journal of Massage & Bodywork (IJTMB) is an open access, journal for massage therapists - all the articles are FREE. If you are looking for a place to start reading, I have links to six popular articles for massage therapists:

Tendinopathy: Why the Difference Between Tendinitis and Tendinosis Matters. Bass, L. E. (2012)

Concussion Treatment Using Massage Techniques: A Case Study. Burns, S. (2015)

Practitioner-Generated Massage Therapy Research. Moyer, C. (2011)

Changes in Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction Symptoms Following Massage Therapy: A Case Report. Pierson, M. (2011)

The Architecture of the Connective Tissue in the Musculoskeletal System - An Often Overlooked Functional Parameter as to Proprioception in the Locomotor Apparatus. Van Der Wal, J., (2009)

Dynamic Angular Petrissage as Treatment for Axillary Web Syndrome Occurring after Surgery for Breast Cancer: A Case Report. Lewis, P.A., & Cunningham, J.E. (2016). 

Open Access Research Papers

Here is a list of general research papers that are popular with massage therapists:

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