Complementary and integrative medicine in the management of headache

acupuncture and headaches

Acupuncture Research Has Matured

A recent State of the Art Review published in The British Medical Journal (Chen et al. 2017) takes a critical look at cupping, massage, acupuncture and yoga, but does not throw the baby out with the bathwater. This review along with recent recommendations from The American College of Physicians (Chou et al. 2017Qaseem et al. 2017) and Center for Disease Control (Frieden et al. 2016) represent a monumental shift in pain management.

Physicians, now more than ever are recommending conservative treatment including massage, acupuncture and exercise for patients suffering from pain.

Acupuncture for Headaches

Along those line, The British Medical Journal just published a State of the Art Review looking at the evidence base surrounding massage and acupuncture for patients who suffer from headaches (Millstine et al. 2017). It found that acupuncture and massage has been shown to be a therapeutic intervention that may lower headache frequency and intensity. 

My first recommendation for those who suffer from migraines is to work with a physician to develop strategies to manage symptoms. Then treatment programs should be implemented based on patient-specific assessment findings and patient tolerance.

If a patient is interested in using acupuncture to manage headache symptoms there is actually a larger body of scientific evidence for acupuncture than most people are aware of. There is supporting evidence from The Cochrane Collaborative, Canadian Medical Association and other high quality systematic reviews:
• Chronic pain (MacPherson et al. 2017Vickers et al. 2012)
• Acute pain (Murakami et al. 2017)
• Tension-type headaches (Busse et al. 2017Linde et al. 2016)
• Migraines (Busse et al. 2017Linde et al. 2016Yang et al. 2016)

Mechanism of Action:

If you use Occam's razor, the insertion of an acupuncture needle is a form of novel stimuli, that functions by sending anti-nociceptive input to the neuroimmune system. This contributes to a number of physiological changes across different areas of the peripheral and central nervous systems, including peripheral receptors, dorsal horn of the spinal cord, brainstem, sensorimotor cortical areas, and the mesolimbic and prefrontal areas (Chen et al. 2017).

More to Explore

There is a  growing body of evidence to support the use of acupuncture for people who suffer from migraines, so in this post I have taken the time to organize some of the recent research on the topic.

Migraine Brains and Bodies: C.M. Shifflett
Migraines: More than a headache Elizabeth Leroux
The Migraine Brain- Carolyn Bernstein

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