The RMT Education Project: Published Materials

Richard contributes to many publications to help promote evidence based massage, his work has been featured in the following publications: 

Canadian Chiropractor
September 2016 - Strain transmission: Assessment and treatment of marathon runners
February 2015 - Functional Assessment: A Global Perspective (part 2 of 2)
October 2014 - Functional Assessment: A Global Perspective (part 1 of 2) 

Massage Therapy Canada
Spring 2016 - Myofascial Release: Simplifying the evidence 

Massage Therapy Today
Summer 2017 - RMTAO Member Spotlight
Spring 2016 - Evidence Based Practice: Bridging The Knowledge Gap
Fall 2015 - Rehabilitation of Ankle Injuries
Summer 2015 - Rehabilitation of Complex Knee Injuries
Winter 2015 - Sports Concussions: A Massage Therapist's Perspective

Massage Magazine
December 2016 - Myofascial Trigger Points: What are they, really?

Massage New Zealand
Spring 2016 - Massage Therapy Research Review 

The Massage Therapists Development Centre
December 2016 -Myofasical Release And Massage Therapists