The Placebo Response and Healthcare

An Overview of Placebos & Nocebos - Rossettini et al. 2018

The placebo response and the therapeutic encounter

The way a clinician presents themselves and their treatment has influence on therapeutic outcomes. The magnitude of a response may be influenced by mood, expectation, and conditioning, this is often referred to as the placebo response.

The placebo response is real and it is effective!

The placebo effect isn't a single phenomenon but a number of responses involving cortical, subcortical and emotional responses. Any therapeutic encounter can trigger significant biological changes that ease symptoms.

The existence of placebo-induced effects do not negate treatment-induced results, patients feel better after a therapeutic encounter because of a complex physiological response to the treatment that INCLUDES, but is not LIMITED to placebo.

Learn more about the placebo response in this 5 min TED-Ed video.

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