April 2017 - Monthly list of noteworthy finds

Welcome to the April edition of the First Friday Five

I have committed myself to compiling a monthly list of recent noteworthy finds applicable to massage therapy. Posts are designed to be short and will go out the first friday of every month. As always, please let me know your requests and suggestions through email or social media.

Book Recommendation
Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow - Yuval Noah Harari 

Blog Recommendation
I recently put a blog post together highlighting research around Massage Therapy and Postoperative Care

YouTube Recommendation
$39 Massage Vs. $490 Massage - BuzzFeed Blue

News Recommendation
Read this before you get your knee replaced (CBC News)

Research Recommendation
Kim, J., Sung, D.J., Lee, J. (2017). Therapeutic effectiveness of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization for soft tissue injury: mechanisms and practical application. J Exerc Rehabil.