Conservative Care for Low Back Pain

Conservative Care for Low Back Pain

Conservative Care for Low Back Pain

A Brief Overview

Low back pain is a difficult to treat global health burden, one of the reasons for this is that there is often no clear identifiable cause. The strongest reviews support the need for a multi-modal therapeutic approach to manage low back pain. A multi-modal approach can involve a number of management strategies that include but is not limited to education, reassurance, analgesic medicines and a number of non pharmacological therapies.

Conservative Care for Low Back Pain

Recent recommendations from The Canadian Medical Association (Busse et al. 2017), The American College of Physicians (Chou et al. 2017Qaseem et al. 2017), Center for Disease Control (Frieden et al. 2016), and The Mayo Clinic (Nahin et al. 2016) represent a monumental shift in pain management.

Physicians, now more than ever are recommending conservative treatment including massage, spinal manipulation, acupuncture and exercise as part of a multi-modal approach for patients suffering from low back pain, anxiety and stress.

Summaries from The American Medical Guidelines for Low Back Pain:

For new low back pain (lasting less than 12 weeks), try:
• heat
• massage
• acupuncture
• spinal manipulation

For chronic low back pain (lasting 12 weeks or more), try:
• exercise (including stretching, improving balance, and strengthening core muscles)
• physical therapy
• acupuncture
• mindfulness-based programs intended to cope with or reduce stress.
• tai chi, yoga, or progressive relaxation techniques may also be helpful.

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