Massage Therapy, Acupuncture and Physical Activity

• The Power of Touch - Maria Konnikova
• The Social Power of Touch - Lydia Denworth
• Starting Rehab Early Can Speed Recovery From Muscle Injuries - Alex Hutchinson
• A Comprehensive Guide to the New Science of Treating Lower Back Pain - Julia Belluz
• How Meditation, Placebos And Virtual Reality Help Power 'Mind Over Body' - Jo Marchant

TED Talks
• The brain-changing benefits of exercise - Wendy Suzuki
• How to make stress your friend - Kelly McGonigal

Pain Management

Pain Management

• Crooked - Cathryn Jakobson Ramin
• How Healing Works - Wayne Jonas
• The Brain That Changes Itself - Norman Doidge
• The Brain's Way of Healing - Norman Doidge
• Touch - David Linden
• Understanding Pain - Fernando Cervero
• Opioid-Free Pain Relief Kit - Beth Darnall
• Undo It! How Simple Lifestyle Changes Can Reverse Most Chronic Diseases - Dean Ornish

Headaches and Migraines
• Migraine Brains and Bodies - C.M. Shifflett
• Migraines: more than a headache - Elizabeth Leroux

Online Resources
• NIH Pain Resources
• Opioid Wisely - A campaign from the Canadian Medical Association that encourages thoughtful conversation between clinicians & patients to reduce harms associated with opioid prescribing.

Articles - A selection of popular articles from that upend conventional wisdom about rehabilitation and pain.
• Pain really is in the mind, but not in the way you think - Lorimer Moseley
• What is pain and what is happening when we feel it? - Lorimer Moseley
• The science of pain - Benjamin Ansell

TED Talks
• The mystery of chronic pain - Elliot Krane
• How does your brain respond to pain? - Karen D. Davis
• Why Things Hurt - Lorimer Moseley

Video Resources
• Low Back Pain - DocMikeEvans
• Understanding Pain - Kidshealth New Zealand
• The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Stress - DocMikeEvans


Downloadable PDF Files
Concussion FAQ
Concussion: Planning and Pacing

Recommended Links
• Fowler Kennedy- Sports Concussion
• Parachute
• Canadian Guideline on Concussion in Sport

TED Talks - Videos that spark and celebrate ideas.
• What happens when you have a concussion? - Clifford Robbins

• The Ghost In My Brain - Clark Elliott
• Concussions and Our Kids - Robert Cantu

• How to avoid, recognize and treat concussion in sports - Kathryn Schneider
• What is traumatic brain injury? - Travis Wearne