August 2017 - monthly list of noteworthy finds

Welcome to the August edition of First Friday

A monthly list of recent noteworthy finds applicable to massage therapy. Posts are designed to be short and will go out the first friday of every month. As always, please let me know your requests and suggestions through email or social media.

Book Recommendation
Into the Grey Zone - Adrian Owen

Blog Recommendation
I recently put a blog post together highlighting research on acupuncture

YouTube Recommendation
New Studies Adjust Our Thinking on Spinal Manipulation - Healthcare Triage

Blog Recommendation
Healthy Recipes - Laura Jasmin N.D.

Research Overview
National Institute for Health Research  - Acupuncture shown to have benefits for treatment of some chronic pain

Open Access Research Recommendation
Bishop, M. D., Torres-Cueco, R., Gay, C. W., Lluch-Girbés, E., Beneciuk, J. M., & Bialosky, J. E. (2015). What effect can manual therapy have on a patient's pain experience? Pain Management.