Personal Learning Networks for Massage Therapists

Personal Learning Network

Personal Learning Network

For Massage Therapists

Building Your Personal Learning Network

The RMT Education Project is an initiative that is working to promote the benefits of massage therapy to an international audience. In this post I have to put together a resource page that will help therapists establish an online presence and grow their personal learning network.

Top Ten YouTube Channels for Massage Therapists

• Crash Course - Tons of courses in one awesome channel (anatomy, physiology & science...)
• Health Care Triage - News & Comments on evidence based medicine
• Khan Academy Medicine - Videos providing an overview of anatomy & physiology
• Massage Sloth - Massage therapy treatment tips and tricks
• MSK Medicine - Musculoskeletal assessment techniques
• Physiotutors - Common assess and treatment methods
• Professor Moyer - Chris Moyer hosts a journal club & comments on a number of topics
• TED-Ed - Short animated videos exploring a wide variety of topics
• TEDMED - Bridges the gap between science and the public with sharing stories
• Yoga With Adriene - Stretches and online yoga videos


Better Movement - Maintained by Todd Hargrove, this blog regularly posts high quality content that discuss the science of movement and pain.
• Why Do Muscles Feel Tight
• A Systems Perspective on Motor Control, Part One 
• Can Pain Be a Tip With No Iceberg?
• How Does Foam Rolling Work? 
• Is Movement Therapy Rocket Science? 

BodyinMind - Developed by research Lorimer Moseley as a method to promote better understanding of the clinical pain sciences. Most post are from academics, so the quality of the content is high but often requires an eye for detail, in order to pull out the salient points.
• Time To Embrace Bioplasticity? 
• Everything You Wanted To Know About CENTRAL SENSITISATION 
• Isometrics reduce tendon pain 
• Classification of patients with low back-related leg pain 

PainScience - One of the most comprehensive resources available for therapists looking for insights into aches and pains. The author is a retired massage therapists from British Columbia who now writes and maintains the website full time.
• Trigger Point Doubts 
• Pain is Weird
• Your Back Is Not Out of Alignment

The Massage Therapists Development Centre - This blog is all about changing the perception of massage therapy.
• How Massage Therapists Can Recognize And Deal With A Heart Attack
 Back Pain Myths: Posture, Core Strength, Bulging Discs 
 Three Reasons It Matters Why A Treatment Works 
 Back Pain And Pregnancy 
 What Is Really CI’d With Hypertension?

The RMT Education Project - A resource that provides insight into the body and a number of open access resources for massage therapists.
• Sports Massage for Athletic Performance
• Scar Management 
• Rehabilitation for Acute Muscle Strains
• Dupuytren's Disease 
• Temporal Mandibular Disorder (TMD)
• Tennis Elbow
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 
• Low Back Pain 
• Sciatica
• Plantar Fasciitis 
Does Massage Work: A Review of The Research
• Four Science Backed Ways Massage Makes You Feel Better