Massage therapy for temporomandibular pain

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Therapeutic effects of intra-oral and extra-oral massage, and self-care management of temporomandibular dysfunction has been demonstrated in a number of randomized control trials and systematic reviews. (Martins et al. 2016, von Piekartz & Hall 2013, Randhawa et al. 2015)

Evidence also suggests that temporomandibular disorder may be a contributing factor to cervicogenic headache, in part because of the influence of dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint on the cervical spine (von Piekartz & Hall 2013).

Intra-oral and extra-oral massage is not complicated, it can be preformed in the clinic or as self care. In its simplest form it could include working on: the masseter, medial pterygoid and the deep tendon of the temporalis.

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