Massage for Muscles of The Eye

Image Credit - Beer et al. 2016 (Creative Commons 4.0)

Image Credit - Beer et al. 2016 (Creative Commons 4.0)

For people who suffer frequent headaches or sinus pressure, massage for the muscles of the eyes may provide relief of symptoms.

Using the image above as a reference, structures to keep in mind while assessing and treating patients suffering from headaches may include neurovascular structures and investing fascia of: the frontalis muscle (FM), oblique head of the corrugator supercilii (CSMO), transverse head of the corrugator supercilii (CSM-T), depressor supercilii (DSM), procerus (PM), medial head of the orbicularis oculi (MOOM), the orbital portion of the orbicularis oculi (OOOM), and the temporalis (TM) muscle.

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