10 Open Access Case Reports for Massage Therapists

Ten Open Access Case Reports for Massage Therapists

Ten Open Access Case Reports for Massage Therapists

If you are a massage therapist who is interested in reading research papers, PubMed is a great resource but most massage therapists do not have academic access to journals. 

This is not the only barriers to entry, sorting through the data is like drinking from a fire-hose, if you search Massage therapy on PubMed you will get nearly 14,000 returns. So, if you don't feel like sorting through all those listings I have put together a curated selection of 10 open access case reports.

10 Open Access Case Reports for Massage Therapists

  1. The Use of Massage Therapy to Relieve Chronic Low-Back Pain.

  2. Concussion Treatment Using Massage Techniques.

  3. Massage Therapy Treatment and Outcomes for a Patient with Parkinson’s Disease.

  4. Positive effects of massage therapy on a patient with narcolepsy.

  5. Dynamic Angular Petrissage as Treatment for Axillary Web Syndrome Occurring after Surgery for Breast Cancer

  6. Gait characteristics, range of motion, and spasticity changes in response to massage in a person with incomplete spinal cord injury

  7. Comparing the Effects of Rest and Massage on Return to Homeostasis Following Submaximal Aerobic Exercise.

  8. The effects of massage therapy on a woman with thoracic outlet syndrome.

  9. The effects of massage therapy after decompression and fusion surgery of the lumbar spine

  10. The effects of massage on pain, stiffness, and fatigue levels associated with ankylosing spondylitis.