Definitions for Massage Therapists


Clear Communication Comes From Defined Language

Clear communication comes from defined language, here I have collected accurate definitions for a short list of commonly misused words. 

Definitions form The Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary (Ninth Edition).

• Adhesion - a fibrous band of connective tissue that develops in response to inflammation, trauma, or surgery, resulting in the union of two adjacent structures.

• Allodynia - pain due to a stimulus that would not normally cause pain, such as light touch or mild changes in temperature.

• Enthesis - the site of insertion of tendons or ligaments into bones.

• Fascia  - connective tissue forming layers of variable thickness in all regions of the body. It is divided into superficial fascia, found immediately beneath the skin, and deep fascia, which envelops organs and tissues. Deep fascia includes sheets of fibrous tissue that enclose muscles and muscle groups and separate them into layers.

• Fibrosis - thickening and scarring of connective tissue, most often a consequence of inflammation or injury.

• Induration - abnormal hardening of a tissue or organ.

• Neuroplasticity - the ability of the brain to develop new neurons and/or new synapses in response to stimulation and learning.