Podcasts for Massage Therapists

podcasts for massage therapists

Podcasts for Massage Therapists

The RMT Education Project is an initiative that is working to promote the benefits of massage therapy to an international audience, here I have to put together a list of podcasts that are relevant to the practice of massage therapy

Liberated Body Podcast

Episode 10 - Matthew Lacoste: Journeying Through the History of Massage

Episode 11 - Tom Myers: Mapping the Anatomy of Connection 

Episode 25 - Todd Hargrove: Pain Science and How to Be A Happy Mover

Episode 35 - Dr. Stephen Levin: Biotensegrity 

Episode 40 - Navigating Pain with Neil Pearson 

Episode 49 - Connective Tissue and Inflammation with Helene Langevin

Episode 54 The End of the Structural Model? with Eyal Lederman 

Episode 55 - A New Paradigm of Anatomy with John Sharkey

Episode 59 - The Architecture of Living Tissue with Jean-Claude Guimberteau 

Episode 64 - Movement Matters with Katy Bowman

The Be Better Podcast 

Episode 27 - Gillian White on regeneration, inflammation and how to best recover from your workout

Episode 33 - Triathlete Lionel Sanders on finding mental and physical health through Ironman

Episode 37 - Dr. David Behm on to stretch or not to stretch

Episode 42 - All about concussions with Dr. Katia Sinopoli

Episode 46- Brain training, inflammation and potimizing training with Alex Hutchinson

Episode 51 - Cancer and preventative medicine with Dr.Maryam Elmi

More to Explore

Massage Therapy: Theories and Treatment Strategies
As the body of knowledge to support the use of massage therapy continues to grow, understanding the basic science behind what we do and the guiding principles of adaptability enable us to apply this work to a number of conditions including, but not limited to:
• Sports Related Aches and Pain
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 
• Post-Operative Patients
• Compartment Syndrome
• Dupuytren's Disease
• Low Back Pain 
• Neck Pain
• Post-Concussion Syndrome
• Scar Management