One Book That Will Change The Way You Think


Mindware: Tools for Smart Thinking

If you are a fan of Malcolm Gladwell, I highly recommend the book Mindware. In this book, psychologist Richard Nisbett reframes common problems and demonstrates how many statistical concepts create solutions for real world problems, and this is all presented in a clear and accessible way. After reading the book, you will have new insights into a number of these concepts including, but not limited to:
• law of large numbers
• statistical regression
• cost-benefit analysis
• sunk-cost and opportunity cost
• causation and correlation


Correlation and Causation


Throughout the book there are a number of scientific and philosophical ideas that can easily be understood and applied to make better professional, business and personal decisions. One quote that really stayed with me is, "Just as correlation doesn't prove causation, absence of correlation fails to prove absence of causation". In the massage therapy world, lately I have been hearing that correlation does not equal causation, which is technically a correct statement, however in many cases the relationship is not random.

The RMT Education Project - 'Simplifying The Complex'


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