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November 2017 marks the two year anniversary of The RMT Education Project. The original idea behind the project was to promote the value of massage therapy to health professionals by synthesizing and simplifying noteworthy finds and best available supporting evidence. The response so far have been great, in 2017 there was 80,000 hits to the website. This year we are on pace to pass that mark as we have been averaging 9000 hits per month.

This post is a commemorative post featuring the five most popular blog post according to number of visits.

Five Most Popular Posts

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Massage Therapy: Injury Specific Treatments
Massage therapy may be a treatment option for a number of conditions including, but not limited to:
• Sports Related Aches and Pain
• Scar Management 
• Rehabilitation for Acute Muscle Strains
• Low Back Pain 
• Sciatica
• Neck Pain
• Migraine Headaches
• Tension Headaches
• Post-Concussion Syndrome
• Temporal Mandibular Disorder (TMD)
• Frozen Shoulder
• Shoulder Pain
• Tennis Elbow
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 
• Post-Operative Patients
• Shin Splints
• Post-Surgical ACL Injuries 
• Hip Pain
• Osteoarthritis of The Knee
• Ankle Sprain
• Plantar Fasciitis