Body Worlds: Animals Inside Out

The presence of the pure physical reminds visitors to Body Worlds’ of the intangible and the unfathomable. The plastinated post-mortal body illuminates the soul by its very absence.
— Gunther Van Hagens

Since 2005 I have attended every Body Worlds Exhibit that has been hosted in Ontario. In 2005 it was at The Ontario Science Centre in Toronto [Body Worlds 2] and then in 2009 Body Worlds [The Story of The Heart] was held  at the Ontario Science Centre. This year [2015] The Museum of Nature in Ottawa Ontario hosted Body Worlds [Animal Inside Out].

For anyone unfamiliar with Body Worlds, is it is a method where biological tissue is preserved through plastination. This is a process invented by Gunther Von Hagens that replaces water and soluble fat with a reactive polymer, such as silicone rubber in order to preserve tissue.

One of the things I tried to capture was the nerves where they exit and wrap around the different soft tissue structures. I really liked the shots of the bull where you can see the nerves piercing through the upper traps.

My wife and I were the first to the exhibit when they opened, this made for some great photo opportunities, below are ten of my favorite shots. Please let me know in the comments below which are your favorites.

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